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Low Carb Crepes



I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas and this one was a winner.  

For this dish I used 2 crepes each had 2 tablespoons of ricotta and topped with 1 teaspoon on sugar free blueberry jam.

I plan on using this recipe for savory crepes by omitting the sweetener and vanilla extract and adding some herbs instead.  I have in mind a nice creamy chicken and mushroom filling. Yum!!
Or I can use this for enchiladas or quesadilla…and the list goes on.
To be continued.

Low Carb Crepes


5 eggs
2 tbsp coconut flour
1 tbsp oat flour
3 oz cream cheese
1 tbsp stevia or splenda
1 tsp vanilla extract


In food processor, pulse eggs and cream cheese until smooth.
Add coconut flour, oat flour, sweetener and vanilla extract and process until smooth.

Heat a small 6′ non stick pan, spray with oil and use 1/4 cup batter for each crepe.  
Tilt pan to spread out batter evenly, cook over medium heat. 
Flip crepe and cook 5 seconds and set aside in a plate.

Makes:  11 crepes

1 crepe
41.9 calories
3.1 g protein
2.5 g fat
1.0 g net carbs


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