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Red Hot Zucchini Chips

I’m really enjoying my food dehydrator.  So far my favorite spicy treat is spicy zucchini chips.  It’s so easy to make, the only problem is that you have to be patient and wait hours before you can sample a slice. But it’s so worth it in the end.

For my spicy zucchini chips in a large bowl I use my mandolin to slice them an 1/8′, sprinkle a little salt to remove some of the water.  Place them on the drying trays and then drizzle Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce, then brush sauce over each slice of zucc.

I’ve found that if the best way to do this is too have this run during the night that way come morning it’s ready and waiting for me to snack on.
Below is a picture of it raw and ready to be turned on.



Zucchini Chips with Hummus Dip…YUM!!!

These are crunchy spicy zucchini chips, they go great with hummus and I also enjoy it with an eggplant dip, or a sour cream ranch dip.



These Zucc chips have a BBQ spice on it and they’re yummy tooo.

Who would of thought that eating veggies would be so much fun.


Comments on: "Red Hot Zucchini Chips" (2)

  1. These were sooooo good!!!!


  2. So glad you liked it Brenda. I plan on making them again real soon 🙂


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