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Slim down Challenge


This 30 day Challenge has had a few bumps along the road.  I haven’t been able to get my willpower up to par but I really have been trying and doing my best but these past two weeks I’ve been feeling that I was coming down with a flu bug and sure enough this week it took it’s toll on me.  Not only did I have a virus but I managed to slam a door on a finger, oh my gosh the throbbing pain lasted for a few days and now my nail is black and swollen but thankfully it’s not broken.

As for exercise this well there’s not to speak of since I couldn’t get out of bed 😦

Starting Weight: 160.0 lbs
Current Weight: 158.5
Total Pounds Lost: 1.5 lbs
Goal Weight: 152.0 lbs

Since being sick I craved carb and comfort food so everthing went out the window.  So I’m back to my starting weigh on this 30 days challenge.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Week 1 (Sept 1-7): 159.0   (-1.0 lbs) :-) 
Week 2 (Sept 8-14): 159.0 (-0.0)   :-( 
Week 3 (Sept 15- 21): 158.5 (-0.5) 
Week 4 (Sept 22-30): 160.0 (+1.5 😦  )

Wishing you much success and happiness!



Comments on: "Slim Down 30 Day Challenge Weigh-in #4" (2)

  1. Hi Marisa,
    I hear you about bumps in the road, but you have taken good care of yourself and that’s what is important.
    I lost my oomph after the first or second week, and blew off the trail race.
    here are stats:
    Week 1 (Sept 1-7): 154.0 (-1.6 lbs) 🙂
    Week 2 (Sept 8-14): 152.6 (-1.4 lbs)
    Week 3 (Sept 15- 21): 152.2
    Week 4 (Sept 22-30): 152.2

    Starting Weight: 155.6
    Current weight: 152.2
    Total Pounds Lost: -3.4
    Goal Weight: 147


  2. Hi Brenda, once we lose our oomph it’s head to get it back. But the good thing is that we don’t give up and we keep on trying. We’ll get the hang of it eventually 🙂
    I’ve started a 6 week she workout routine. I really plan on melting this far off with exercise and low carb meals. Keep in touch 🙂


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