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My Weight-In + Workouts

Hi all,

As you know last week  was my first week of my 6 week shred, so far so good but my calves were sore for three days due to the standing and seated calf raises.  It took a few days for the pain to go away.

It occurred took me that this workout would be difficult to follow if you don’t go to a gym or have access to all this equipment.

So for those of you who want to do your own version of a 6 week shred, break out your DVD exercise workout videos , or you can find some great full length videos online for free, youtube or my recent favorite is 
http:// www.fitnessblender.com they have some great body weight videos.

Here’s a 4 week workout plan and I think you only need bumbells.

Whatever you choose to do please join in and keep me company on this 6 week journey.  You can post your exercise of choice in the comment section.  Then I plan on posting weekly weigh-ins and you can post your weigh-in..


I’ve lost 1 pound and 0.5 inches off my waist.  Woohoo!!!


Comments on: "My Weight-In + Workouts" (2)

  1. Congrats on losing the pound and what is even more exciting is your .5 inch loss! I think i will measure myself too from now on. Keep it up girl. Great job 🙂


  2. Hi Brenda,

    So glad to hear from you. What have you been up too? Try any new recipes? Or exercise routines?

    As for measurements I only measured my waist, since my goal is to shrink that part of my body (there’s a lot of it that need shrinkage!!!). I’m hoping that one day I can find a 6 pack under there LOL

    Keep in touch 🙂


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