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Today is “Workout Wednesday” and I’d like to share with you a workout I recently did during the Christmas holidays where I couldn’t go to the gym so I did the next best thing and get my sweat on at home.  🙂


Click on the link below for a great upper body workout video that’s free from Fitness Blender.

 Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Don’t worry ladies lifting weights won’t make you look like Arnold.

Upper Body Strength Training Routine
10 Reps each, twice through

Bicep Curls – 15 lbs (per hand)
Bentover Tricep Extensions – 9 lbs (per hand)
1 Minute Jumping Jacks

Chest Fly – 15 lbs (per hand)
Reverse Fly –  6 lbs (per hand)
1 Minute Burpees + High Kicks

Lateral Raises –  6 lbs (per hand)
Ventral Raises –  3 lbs (per hand)
1 Minute  Lateral Jumps

Overhead Press –  12 lbs (per hand)
Dumbbell Pullover – 12 lbs (total)
1 Minute Butt Kickers


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