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Road Trip June 2014

So we went away for 3 days visiting family and I had no control over what was being cooked but I did help in the kitchen.  The challenge came when all the food was all on the table.  Now that’s when I had control of what went on my plate.  I always went with grilled meats, grilled veggies,  raw veggies & hummus, salad, OK I  did have half a cup of mashed potatoes.  Then when dessert was set out on the table, and I mean the was dessert, Oreo ice cream cake, Tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, angel food & pastries.  I chose to have a few slices of watermelon & a cappuccino without sugar.
I have to say that I felt so empowered because I had control and it felt great since it’s been a really long time since I found that will power.

Below are a few of the meals I had while away.

I find that when I’m away visiting family I tend to not drink enough water so I bought this for the first time & I brought it with me.  Zero calories & zero carbs plus it’s tastes pretty good.  I don’t like sweet drinks so a small squirt is plenty for me.
imageWhat are some of your road trip strategies & foods you like to bring with you?


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