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Motivation diet month

 July Challenge

My challenge is to strictly stay on a low carb plan with No Cheats
and to lose at 8 pounds.

What’s your July Challenge?

I set up MyFitnessPal.com, specifically with Atkins configuration.
My goals are: Net Carbs 5%, Protein 25%, Fat 70%

Why is the fat so high?  When reducing carbs and replacing with natural healthy fats, the calories from fat are used directly for energy and you lose weight. 

Starting Weight for Challenge: 160.2 lbs  July 1, 2014
Total Pounds Lost:
Goal Weight: 152.2 lbs or less

Week 1: July 1-6  
Week 2: July 7-13
Week 3: July 14- 20
Week 4: July 21-27

Final weigh-in July 31.

(My weigh-in days will be on Sunday but you can do it any day that fits your schedule)

Please use the comment box and join me in the July Challenge.

Wishing you much success and happiness!



Comments on: "July Low Carb Challenge 2014" (2)

  1. The (Gluten-Free!) Food Gurly said:

    This sounds doable! Best of luck to you!


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