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Meal Prep #1


Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all having a great week so far.  I’ve seen many people posting they’re meal prep and I’ve been so eager to try it, Monday I went and bought groceries & I began to cook.

If you plan to meal prep start with 1 meal per day for the week.  Lunch is my busiest time of the day so it makes sense to prep my lunch for the week and I even portioned out some snacks.

Note to self:
Saturday plan menu & go grocery shopping.
Sunday cook & meal prep for the week. (Lunch & Snacks)


Below are the groceries that I bought.  I didn’t really have a planned menu.  I knew I was going to do chicken and salad.

In the picture below you’ll see my lunch & snacks.

4 oz grilled chicken breasts
3 oz baked sweet potato with coconut oil
2.5 cups mixed greens
0.5 cups shredded carrots
1 Tbsp Caesar dressing (not shown)

Calories: 393
Net Carbs: 19
Fibre: 6
Protein: 39 

Baby Spinach & Strawberries (for smoothies)
Blueberries (for protein shakes)
1 cup watermelon 11 gr carbs
Mini bell peppers




Comments on: "Meal Prep #1" (2)

  1. i wish I could be as organized! I’m trying to get into meal prepping but I’m so indecisive on what to make lol.


  2. Oh I hear you, I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. To start you have to make what you like or you won’t eat it. For me, I like grilled chicken Caesar salads, so I grilled 5 breasts, peeled & sliced sweet potatoes baked those as I was grilling and then I shredded some carrots & bought a box of baby mixed greens & caesar dressing. Voila!!!
    If grilled chicken isn’t your thing, then the next time you have a roast beef or something in the oven you can always roast a whole chicken at the same time and use that for lunches. 🙂


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