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Hi All,

Welcome to Marisa’s Kitchen Talk.  I’ve been cutting back on my carbohydrate intake since December 2009 due to health issues.  I’ve had heartburn for many years which lead me to have an ulcer.  I took a pill everyday for a year and my ulcer healed but I knew that if I didn’t change my eating habits that it would return. So I began to remove foods that I had difficultly digesting or that gave me instant heartburn (i.e raw garlic, tomato sauce, toasted bread, fish, eggs)
Since eating this way I’ve stopped taking my ulcer pill and I’ve lost weight in the process.

I love trying new recipes and I’m always updating my blog with recipes, my food diary, tips on weight loss, fitness etc.  I rarely follow a recipe without adding my own twist, I feel that a recipe is just a starting point.

As you can see from my blog that I’m truly eat a variety of foods and I don’t feel limited by any means.

Hope you enjoy what’s in my kitchen.


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  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am going to follow you as well!


  2. Hey Marisa,

    I like your blog, especially your recipes. I will be checking you out regularly.


  3. Hey Marisa,

    I love to eat more than I love to cook. Food has to be interesting for me – I’ve determined it is a big part of life and I can’t deny that I have to enjoy my food or no diet will ever work!

    I do not have the gift to play with a recipe so I am so glad to have found you!! I’ve been falling off the Poon diet and suffering the consequences. I have now had my gallbladder removed and have no more excuses. Before I felt that the gallbladder issues was turning me off of meat and as we know protein/meat is a main staple of the low carb diet!

    Today is day 1 again of Phase 1 and I thank you because I am going to use your recipes to help keep it interesting for me.

    I just read your blog about Splenda and feel better about it. I’ve been consuming ALOT of it and do find sometimes I have an aftertaste when I overdue it. I started to wonder if it was because it wasn’t good for my body – but now I’ve been reassured! Everything in moderation and I am sure that aftertaste will go away.

    Keep up the great work on Spark Team – AND this great blog. Thanks for all your help!


  4. Hi Lucy,

    Glad to hear you’re back on track. Everyday is a new day so don’t look back only look forward.


  5. This is great. You posted it on SparkPeople and I will comment there also. I love the colors you are using, looks like what we should eat. Keep up the good work.


  6. reneetp said:

    Hi this is great love the thai salad recipe. My husband cooks Thai all the time. Thanks for posting the link on spark. I’ll be checking your page out again for sure!!!


  7. SharMae said:

    Hello: This is a wonderful gift…low carb recipes that are ones my family will enjoy as well as me. I am very grateful to you.


  8. Hi Marisa,

    I also started P90X (started on 6/19/10). It’s good to read that someone is going through the same intense workouts as me. I also follow a low carb and low sugar lifestyle (at my age 40+ this is now a lifestyle and not a DIET). I will keep looking at your blog. Thanks for the receipes.


  9. Hi Sonia, Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m also 40+ and I’m loving this P90X. Let’s keep in touch with our progress on it.


  10. Though I only reduce my carb intake and add more fat and protein to my diet, I will definitely follow your blog for inspiration in the kitchen!


  11. candice said:

    Hi Marisa.
    I just wanted to say thank you for the recipes. I tried the beef taco lettuce wraps tonight and it was almost as good as having a normal taco :):) I am going to try the sausage stuffed mushrooms hopefully tomorrow, they look FANTASTIC!!


  12. Hi Candice,

    You’re welcome, I’m so glad you liked the taco recipe. Let me know what you think of the mushrooms.
    Wishing you all the best 🙂


  13. Was looking for a low carb cabbage roll recipe and came accross your page. I recently started following a low carb diet myself!!

    I also love to cook and bake so looking for new ways to cook “low carb”.

    As a recipe blogger myself wanted to comment on your site..
    It all looks fantastic!


  14. janie vezina said:

    just found your blog!!
    i have been doing low carb for a few months now and down within 10-15 lbs of my goal weight. so thats exciting.
    the hardest for me is treats… my go to comfot foods was ice cream and pudding.. creamy stuff.
    any ideas for these cravings??
    not very good with the making food my own and just winging it.
    especially when i am watching something like carbs that i am montioring how much i am eating.
    thank you
    janie vezina


  15. Hi Janie 🙂

    Congrats on your weight loss. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you find it useful.

    As for some creamy snacks that are low in carbs, check out my dessert recipes, the ricotta treat is one of my favs and the cherry mousse, cherry coconut jello,
    jello Popsicle, and I have a chocolate coconut ice cream.

    Enjoy!!! 🙂


  16. Hello Marissa!

    I love your post on portion control – and was shocked to learn that one pound of body fat equals 3,500 calories! That’s crazy! I had no idea it was that much. After reading your post I downloaded a handy little calorie counter onto my iphone and am going to try and see how many calories I actually eat a day!

    Your fun blog posts are a great fit for one of our clients – I’d love to email you a little more information!



  17. Hi Marisa,

    Your blog is a really interesting read and we especially identify with searching for good, healthy recipes! If any of your readers are heading to Madrid or Spain, they should check out our brand new vegetarian travel blog, with some great tips on where to find some of the most delicious vegetarian food in Madrid!





  18. I really enjoyed your recipe yesterday for the chocolate greek yogurt dessert. I wanted to come right away and comment on it. I have tried several times but the link to it doesn’t work. It leads to “page not found.” I wanted you to know and I still enjoy your blog too! =)


  19. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry for the inconvenience of page not being there, the recipe was posted in error, I was typing in the recipe when I accidentally hit post.
    I posted the recipe today with a picture.
    Glad you like my blog 🙂


  20. I just finished part 3 of my gym pet peeves list. I gave you credit for note 8. Cheers!


  21. I love your site! I’m always on the hunt for low carb recipes. It’s like I’m set loose in the candy store!


  22. Hi Dot, thanks for your comment, I’m so glad you like my blog. All the best 🙂


  23. Hi..wondering if you’re on facebook & pinterest? I see the links to share but no links for pages if you have them…


  24. Hi Karen,
    No sorry I’m not on Facebook or Pinterest. But thanks for the comment since I do plan on creating pages for both apps. Stay tuned 🙂 and Thanks for the interest. You can always subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive my new blog posts. 🙂


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