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My Week so far…

This week was very eventful.  It was Halloween on Monday and I surprised my kids at their school dance all dressed up in a hilarious costume.  I killed it at the gym this week, hence the reason my knees are killing me, plus I need runners badly.

Yesterday I knew I was going to be out all day so I packed a chicken Caesar salad, made with leftover rotisserie chicken, 4 olives, low carb dressing and…Voila!!! I ate it in the car in between errands.  I felt really good that I planned ahead and that I had a healthy lunch.

Big News!!!  Finally found a pair of running shoes!!!  I went to a store called The Running Room and they had so many shoes to chose from and many came in size 10.5!!!  I bought the Asics Gel 1160, 🙂 Yeah me!!

Oh ya almost forgot, I turned a year older this week.  I’m 43 and feeling great!!!  On my birthday I went to the gym, met my husband for lunch and later met a few girlfriends for coffee.  Good Times!!
Happy, Happy Birthday To Me!Tonight we’re going out for my birthday dinner, Baton Rouge sounds good right about now, so I’ll let you know how that goes.


Birthday Pics

My daughter’s 10th Birthday Party!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!  She’s in the double digits now!!!  Oh how they grow so fast.

I took the kids to a pottery place where they painted ceramics then we came back here for pizza, cupcakes, played games.  I’m not going to put pictures of the kids since I don’t have their parents permission.  But they seem to have had a great time.

This was my kitchen before the party.

These are the loot bags: Ceramic cupcakes filled with jellybeans

I made these Jumbo Vanilla cupcakes that the kids decorated with pink or chocolate frosting and then loaded on the sprinkles etc.  Oh my gosh you should have seen some of their creations.  A dentists dream hahaha

Strawberry shortcake I didn’t eat anything other than a salad today so I had to have a slice of this and WOW it was heaven.

Happy 10th Birthday

A daughter brings much happiness
She’s a joy from the start
Watching as she grows
Reaches deep within your heart

She is caring and giving
A real joy to behold
Watching her as years pass
As her talents unfold

She leaves memories and contentment
Throughout her years
And these memories quite often
Will bring happy tears

Happy 12th Birthday!!!

My little baby boy is growing up!!

It seems like only yesterday
You’d say I love you mama
And warp your arms around my neck
And seal it with a kiss

Those days are gone forever
Stored in my memories
I can only say
Those days I truly miss

My little boy has grown up
Into a wonderful young man
You truly are a blessing
Of who I am so proud

Honesty, kindness and gentleness
To name just a few

Happy 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday to me

Yup it’s my birthday, another year has gone by way too quickly.  Oh ya no cake for me since I had way too many Halloween candies today.  I really need to hide them or something!!!

Thanks to my family and friends for making this day special, I had so many phone calls, emails and birthday cards.  🙂

Today I treated myself and had my nails done, they turned out great.  Then the rest of the day I spent running around doing errands.  Yeah Fun Fun!!!
I ran into Sobey’s and picked up a lunch to go, rotisserie chicken, a few potato wedges and coleslaw.

For dinner I made chicken kabobs, tomato feta salad, salad with French dressing, taziki and coleslaw.

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