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Vacation Update

I’m still here on vacation visiting family and I’ve extended my trip for another week.  Missing my husband since he couldn’t join us on this trip but we do video chat a few times a day which is great. 

The weather has been beautiful, there’s a really nice outdoor pool in walking distance so I take my kids there daily.  I wish we had one in our area, the closest one is a 20 minute drive.

I’m doing good and sticking to my low carb lifestyle. My mom’s amazing in the kitchen and I haven’t strayed too far.  I’ve been eating on plan and drinking my water.  My only cheats have been cappuccinos with skim, once I had some potato chips, one night I shared a slice of pie.

We went out for dinner a few times and I kicked butt I was so good.  I had diet 7-up, chicken kabob, hummus and salad.  Everyone else had the same plus bread, rice and wine.
Last night I met some friends that I haven’ seen in years and we laughed and talked on an outdoor terrace til 3am and all I had was a diet coke.  I’m having fun just going out for coffee after dinner, I’ll have to make this a habit when I get back home and not fall in the same routine.

Friday I did my Insanity Pure Cardio, it was a good workout.

I did some shopping and bought a few tops that have a little bling or sequin on them.  Two of them are a size medium and one is a small. 
Happy days!!!
I got them on sale which was a great deal to boot!!!

Shopping Yippee!!

I was out today doing some shopping when a pair of jeans caught my eye.  I’ve been wanting to get a new pair since mine are really baggy 🙂 I love it. I’ve postponed buying new clothes because I’m still loosing weight and I don’t want to waste money on clothes that I’d only wear for a few months. Plus when I lose this weight I don’t plan on keeping my FAT clothes. *Notice* I said “when” and not “If” I lose this weight.

I’m really confident that this time I’m in the right frame of mind to really lose this weight.  I have great support at home and a friend who’s always there to share ideas with.  You know who you are 😉

Anyway I’m happy to say that I bought the jeans and not only were they on sale but they’re a size 12 Yippee!!!  I went from a size 16, 14 and now 12.  Since December I’ve lost 3 inches on my waist and 19 pounds.

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