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Compliments: The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

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This past Thanksgiving weekend we went to see family who live out of town.  We were there just two months ago and no one noticed I lost weight but this time around I couldn’t believe everyone noticing and telling me how good I looked and saying don’t lose anymore weight etc. 
My weight loss has been slow and steady, it’s not like I lost 20 lbs since they last saw me.  So what do they see now that they didn’t see 2 months ago?
I LOVE the compliments but I just don’t know what to say.

 The Good

“Wow you look great!!!”

The Bad
“Have you lost weight?  You look so good!!” 
(So I didn’t look good before??)

The Ugly
“Wow you’ve lost so much weight!! So how much more do you need to lose?”

What’s your best or worst compliment you’ve recieved?


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