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Canada’s Wonderland


Yesterday we surprised our kids by not sending them to school and instead we took them to Canada’s Wonderland.  Well I can’t tell you how surprised they were, at first our youngest felt bad that she’s missing school but that didn’t last very long.

I love roller coaster’s but I can’t handle the crazy loop tee loop rides since it could trigger my vertigo.  So luckily my husband was here to take them on some rides.  He did a few rides and then called it quits.
I was enjoying my time by people watching as I sat and waited for my kids to get off the ride.
People watching is so much fun; there’s young, old, sexy, scary, thin and chunky.  As I watched everyone walk by it occurred to me that this time last year I was 22 lbs heavier and I didn’t like how I looked but yesterday I felt pretty good even though I’m not at my goal yet. My clothes fit better and it doesn’t take forever to decide what to wear.

I’m even made good food choices for lunch, we didn’t eat there since it was time to go anyway so we went out for lunch my kids had sushi and my hubby and I had a chicken breast with a Greek salad.  It was really good.

Today’s a new day and so many things to do but I’m going to try and enjoy the outdoors since it’s going to be a gorgeous sunny day a high of 28 Celsius.

Enjoy your day!


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