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Funniest Thing Happened At The Gym

Funniest Thing Happened At The Gym

Oh my gosh!!!  I see some of the funniest things at the gym mostly when I’m on the elliptical and my eyes wonder.  I’ve seen a man running on a treadmill in dress shoes, another guy looked like he just got back from Hawaii since he was wearing swim shorts to workout in, I’ve seen a woman in a one piece bathing suit on a treadmill.

Not to mention the women who come there to chit chat and don’t break a sweat because it might mess up their make up or break a nail.  The perfume alone can knock you out.

Then there’s the people who come up with the craziest exercise!!  Makes you wonder what drugs their on.

What are some of the funniest things you’ve seen at the gym?

Pilates is a great workout and towards the end it’s very relaxing but some people relax a little too much.  I’ve heard some people farting and that’s always followed by everyone else giggling.


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