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March Is Motivation Month

March is all about keeping our New Years Resolutions.  Some of us have already forgotten what we pledged we’d do different this year.

So for this month I’ll be reconfirming my dedication to getting to my goal this year and losing the weight and getting all my jiggling parts to stop jiggling…HAHAHA

Motivation Month will include:

  • Tips & Tricks to keep the momentum going
  • I will post motivational posters

I’d love to hear from you, please add comments and tell me what helps motivate you to keep going.

To kick things off here’s a great motivational poster

Motivation better tomorrow

Are You A Gym Rat?

Definition:  Gym Rat
One who spends entirely too much time partaking in muscle building, strength training, cardiovascular, or aerobic activity. Specifically, one who does so at a health club or gym.

Ok I have to admit I’ve become a gym rat.  I’ve come a long way from the person who joined the gym just 6 months ago.  I was so nervous about going to the gym alone that just the thought of going there without my husband was inconceivable.  I didn’t know how to use the machines nor would I wonder around to find out what the gym offered.

My husband & I started going to the aerobics classes and then I started going on my own.  As I felt more comfortable in my surroundings I would jump on a machine and take it for a spin.

I’m not one who goes to the gym to chit chat, I’m there to workout.  There’s some people at the gym that don’t break a sweat cuz they’re too busy talking and don’t want to ruin their make up. HAHAHA!!!  You know the ones I’m talking about.I go the the gym 5 days a week and I see the same faces day after day.  You start off with small talk and later as the days go by you briefly chit chat about the weather.  I’ve met some really nice people, one lady in particular that we hit it off really well, we even worked out together a few times and it was great since we have the same goals in mind.  Workout first then chit chat.

Are you a gym rat?

Here are some signs if you might be a gym rat.

  1. You know the gym staff’s schedule. They know your middle name, job, and birthday.
  2. You have a favorite set of dumbbells, favorite treadmill, favorite place to stretch.
  3. You notice when a fellow rat wears the same clothes in one week.
  4. You reschedule social activities to work around your scheduled gym time.
  5. You know which gym goers hog the treadmill, weight machines, and TV remotes.
  6. When you can’t be reached, your friends or spouse just assume you’re sweating it out.

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