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Good Friday

Yesterday was Good Friday and we drove 4 hours to spend the Easter weekend with my in laws.
There’s no meat today so as for my food choices here’s how I did.

Breakfast: Tim Hortons coffee & vanilla yogurt with berries.
Sounds like a good choice right? Well after grabbing their nutritional pamphlet on the way out, I noticed that a donut had less carbs and sugar than that yogurt!!! What !! Seriously I couldn’t believe it.

S: I drank my 32 oz bottle of sugar free nestea & chia seeds.
3 bathroom breaks later we arrived at my in laws.

L: There was a ton of food but I was very picky since I didn’t want to throw all my efforts out the window, nor did I want to stay awake all night with heartburn.

I ate dandelion even though it had a ton of raw garlic which burned after a few bites but I ate it since I needed the fiber, hummus, falafel, salad,celery and ranch dip.

D: was the same as lunch

S: I ate watermelon & cantaloup while everyone else chowed down on dessert.

Here where I screwed up: at 9pm we’re watching tv and the chips where put on the table. I avoided them in the afternoon by eating celery and ranch dip.

Anyhow other than the chips I did pretty good. I need to drink my water today as I didn’t have enough yesterday.

Oh ya people are all saying “wow you look great, you lost weight” & “you’re so skinny” & “how much have you lost?”

My husband said something really nice while as someone gave me a compliment. He says “she didn’t have to lose any weight, she’s always been beautiful to me”.
Aawwww!!! isn’t he a sweetie. He earned brownie points with that one lol.

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