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Snow Day in April!! + WOD


Today was a snow day, I know CRAZY RIGHT!!!  It’s freaken APRIL!!!
My kids stayed home and I missed out on my leg day. 
So what else is a girl suppose to do.  Workout with her kids!!! And not just any workout will do… We went INSANE ya’ll!!!  We did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout.  It was hilarious but we killed it and got a great burn.

What did you do today?


Starting Weight:      189 lbs
Current Weight:      148.5 lbs
Goal Weight:             135 lbs
Total Loss to date:  40.5 lbs
Pounds to goal:          13.5 lbs

I had my weigh-in today, I only lost half a pound (-0.5).  I know it’s not a lot but I’m happy the scale moved in the right direction. 

Spin-Berry Protein Shake Recipe

Yesterday I had a great workout, I did my Insanity DVD, it rocks!!!  After my workout they say to have protein to help condition your muscles.  So I came up with something new when I opened my fridge.  It’s a keeper.

Spin-Berry Protein Shake

*Only 4 net carbs*


1 cup fresh baby spinach (0 carbs)
3 strawberries (3 carbs)
8 oz water
1 scoop Kaizen Vanilla Protein (1 carb)

In a large 4 cup measuring cup or a tall 32 oz glass add all ingredients except ice and blend using a hand blender.
Puree until blended and pour into a tall glass filled with ice and enjoy :-)

I like my hand blender verses a regular blender, the clean up is so much quicker.


Guess how much I weigh???
OK give up…here’s a hint

Yup I’m weighing in at 149 lbs!!!  I’m so happy I can’t believe it.

Starting Weight:      189 lbs
Current Weight:      149.0 lbs
Goal Weight:             135 lbs
Total Loss to date:  40.0 lbs
Pounds to goal:          14 lbs

I had my weigh-in today, I’ve lost 2.0 lbs which brings my total loss to 40 lbs.  I’m doing a little dance as I write this blog 🙂

I’ve lost my mind!!!

Yup that’s right!!  I’ve gone INSANE!!!  and by that I mean I did my first Insanity workout in over a month.  WOW what a rush!!  As I was doing my workout I was asking myself “Why has it taken me so long to get back into it again!!”  I just get so pumped and full of energy after my workout.  I also tend to really watch what I eat because I know I worked really hard to burn those calories.

Why the donkey you ask???  Because Insanity Kicked My A$$!! hahaha

The Plan

My plan is to keep going strong with Insanity and in 2 weeks from now (Thursday April 21) I’m going to weigh myself.  I hope to lose 4 lbs.  Wish me luck!

What gets you pumped!!!

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