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Home Sweet Home

Hey everybody,

I arrived back home Saturday night, it was a great 5 hour drive, the weather was perfect and I was listening to some podcasts that helped pass the time so quickly.In a Jillian Michaels podcast that I was listening she was talking about facing your fears.  Here’s a little bit of what she had to say.

Face your fears and in looking at fear you have to have a game plan , never jump into it, set up to succeed.  Educate yourself and when you give yourself some knowlege you will  give yourself a boost of confidence, resilience and peace of mind to take that risk.  Information gives you power.

Attitude of failing:
You need to think of failure as an opportunity to grown, learn, to become better, so many of us have poor self esteem.  In life the thing you fear the most, you manifest in trying to avoid it.  If you look at the patterns of what your afraid of for example, you’re afraid of being alone, afraid of going to the gym because you’re 400 lbs.  You’re creating it by not facing it.  You need to start off by building your confidence up so start asking people for feedback and criticism and remind yourself that this is my way of getting better, and getting ahead.  By working on these weaknesses that’s what’s going to make you stronger and improve and move forward. You’ll survive the feed back, you’re strong, you’ll come through it.  When you see that you’ve faced these things you’ll build your confidence. Also surround yourself with supportive people that will be there for you.  So if you fail you need to realize that you’re still loveable.
We learn from failure not from successes.

OK that’s the best I can do at transcribing her podcast she talks so fast, anyhow I find her very motivational and true to the point.

Ok now back to me…haha.  Our 3 weeks away from home visiting family was fun filled.  We spent quality time with family and friends.  My parents are amazing and I miss them already.  My sister introduced me to some really nice people that I know I will see again the next time I’m in town.  You know who you are, I will check up on you and find out if you went insane hahaha.
Speaking of my insanity workouts I did manage to do it a few times plus we did so much walked too.

These pics were taken in Old Montreal, it’s beautiful there with their cobble stone streets and horse draw carriages, artists selling their goods and performing acts singers, comdiens, jugglers etc.

I made this smoothie for breakfast a few times for those days when I had to eat and go.  It contains low carb vanilla protein, 8 oz water, raspberries, blueberries and pineapple.  I combined all ingredients and with my immersion blender, puree and enjoy.My sister who is the BEST sister anyone can ask for,  is a nail technician and she did my nails with gel and put colored gel on my toes.

I love waking up in the morning and seeing my happy toes.  They will last for weeks without any chips.  Happy Happy 🙂

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