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Mother’s Day Challenge

Are you up for the challengeMother’s Day Challenge

Hello My Sweeties,

Mother’s Day is 48 days from today, so I thought it would be fun to start a challenge since I’ve been way out of wack these past few months.  This challenge isn’t just for Mothers, it’s for everyone who has a mother too…LOL  Why Mother’s Day you ask??   Why not? 🙂  It’ll be a nice gift to myself for Mother’s Day if I can stick to it and give myself a nice weight loss by then.

The challenge for the next 48 days if you choose to accept it is to keep a food journal, weather it’s an online journal or good old pen & paper journal, that’s up to you.
For the next 48 days if you bite it ~you must write it  🙂

Challenge starts today and runs until Mother’s Day Sunday May 8, 2016.

Please feel free to comment below 🙂



Happy Mother’s Day

I’m going to take it easy tomorrow,  I told my kids & hubby that instead of a gift I would rather not do any cooking.

So I’m looking forward to a night out or even watching movies and having take out.  Either way I’m happy.

My kids have hinted that they made something at school so I can’t wait to see that tomorrow.  I treasure those homemade personal gifts so much, it amazing what they can do with those little hands.

What are your plans for this Mother’s Day weekend?

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