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More Shopping

Went to the gym yesterday and had a great body shaping class.  I get to the gym early so I always jump on the elliptical before my class starts, usually 20 mins for a good warm up.

Thursday Nov 3, 2011
Gym: Elliptical  20 mins – Warm Up – Calories: 200

Gym: Wynndurance-Body Sculpt 45 mins – Calories: 450
Total: 1 Hour & 5 Mins
Total Carlorie Burn: 650

My knees are really starting to hurt and I know it’s because of my shoes.  So that’s why I went shopping for running shoes yet again!!  Since I’m a size 10 it’s really hard to find my since store usually only get 2 pairs of 10’s per style etc.  No luck today either 😦

But I did get lucky again at Lululemon, I know twice in one week.  Who woulda thunk it!!!

I know all black…Right!!  but believe it or not this is my only black top.  Love the way their tops fit, they really hold the girls in place.  The crop pants are reversible, Luv it!!!

Wish me luck on find a pair of runners soon my knees cant take it anymore.

What’s your favorite shoes to workout in?


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