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Today’s Challenge:Try Something New

Today’s Challenge:
Try Something New

Tuesday is for “Try Something New”.

It could be anything really.  When you’re at the gym, try an aerobics class that you’ve never done before, or a weight training machine that you’ve always wondered how it worked.  Pick up some kettle bells and have fun.

Or when at the grocery store, try a new fruit, vegetable, meat, fish that you would always walk past and wondered what it would taste like.  Then you can go online and find a new recipe and give it a go.

At the end of the day please feel free to post here in the comment box what it was that you tried for the first time.


Weekly Recap

Went to the gym 3 times this week and loved every class.  It’s never boring, they always add new moves and change things up but there’s always some burpees in every class.  The classes that I do are high intensity and involve cardio, weights, body sculpting and pushing your endurance.  You have to mop the floor when your done.  Below are the dreaded BURPEES!!! for those who are not familiar.
(Plank, Push-Up, Jump & Repeat until you pass out hahaha)

I had this for breakfast a few times this week.  It’s a high fiber brancrisp bread with almond butter, jam and coffee in my ceramic travel cup.  I prefer this ceramic cup over drinking out of plastic.

This is my berry protein shake I have on the days that I go to the gym.  I try and have it 30 mins before heading out so I have some fuel for my workout.This is one of my favorite low carb bars, it’s just 2 carbs and it’s really good.  I keep a few in my car for when I’m out and in need of a snack.

I started some Christmas shopping and as usual when I’m out I try and keep it low carb.  Villa Madina is one of the best fast food choices, grilled Chicken Shawarma, Tabouli Salad, Coleslaw with a little bit of hummus & garlic on the side.
Here’s a few of my meals that I had for lunch this week

This is my typical go-to lunch when I’m in a hurry and don’t know what to have.  In my freezer I pre-made  very thin 3 oz lean beef burgers and they’re individually wrapped.  I  like to season it with Montreal Steak Spice as it’s cooking, it’s always accompanied by a salad and lately it’s been a french dressing that’s been a fav. so far, it’s low fat & low carb.
(on the burger is shredded low fat cheddar, low carb ketchup & mustard)

This is garlic shrimp with french salad topped with a few olives.

Snack this week was raw broccoli florets with low fat sour cream ranch dip.

Christmas shopping isn’t fun if you don’t buy yourself a few things.
Am I right ladies?? 🙂
I’ve been looking for a long sleeve workout top since the weather is getting chilly and they gym is freezing when you walk in there.  I scored a pretty purple Adidas top at Winners.  But the purchase of the day that I’m really excited about are my boots.  They hug my leg, perfect for skinny jeans or dress pants 🙂  the picture doesn’t really give them any justice, they’re really nice.

I tried a new recipe this week, here’s the end result but I’ll post the recipe soon.  It’s Spinach Stuffed Beef Roll, very easy to make but look like you spent a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare.
That’s it for now.

But here’s a little motivation to keep you going this coming week.

More Shopping

Went to the gym yesterday and had a great body shaping class.  I get to the gym early so I always jump on the elliptical before my class starts, usually 20 mins for a good warm up.

Thursday Nov 3, 2011
Gym: Elliptical  20 mins – Warm Up – Calories: 200

Gym: Wynndurance-Body Sculpt 45 mins – Calories: 450
Total: 1 Hour & 5 Mins
Total Carlorie Burn: 650

My knees are really starting to hurt and I know it’s because of my shoes.  So that’s why I went shopping for running shoes yet again!!  Since I’m a size 10 it’s really hard to find my since store usually only get 2 pairs of 10’s per style etc.  No luck today either 😦

But I did get lucky again at Lululemon, I know twice in one week.  Who woulda thunk it!!!

I know all black…Right!!  but believe it or not this is my only black top.  Love the way their tops fit, they really hold the girls in place.  The crop pants are reversible, Luv it!!!

Wish me luck on find a pair of runners soon my knees cant take it anymore.

What’s your favorite shoes to workout in?


Well let me start off that I never get what I am looking for when I go out looking!!!  Today was no different.  I’m in desperate need of new running shoes.  I love my Nike Shox but I’ve worn them to death.  I’ve been looking for runners for awhile now with no luck, but I did come across a pair of ASICS that I’m considering.  Can it be, my love affair with Nike might just come to an end.  I didn’t get them since my feet were sore and swollen, I couldn’t get a good feel of the shoe.  Oh well I guess this just gives me another reason to go shopping hahaha

OMG!!!  I bought my first Lululemon top and I love it!!!  It’s a size 8 and it fits so nice.  Those who know me, know that since staring my weight loss journey I’ve always said I would only buy lululemon at my goal weight.  Even though I’m not at my goal (10 lbs to go) it’s my reward for my hard work, so far.  So it’s kind of a big deal for me 🙂

This is how it looks from the back.  It’s a  light material with a built in bra.  It’s very supportive so I won’t have to wear an additional bra for my cardio classes.  Plus it has a drawstring at the bottom to give you some shape and a different look.

Nope they’re not running shoes but aren’t they purdy!!! I’m not sure if I’ll be returning them since they seem to feel comfortable.  I’ll have to try them on again since my feel were swollen.  The rounded toe makes my feet look smaller, soft leather and spandex so it hugs your leg and fits like a glove.  I’ll keep you posted on the verdict.

Have a great and healthy day!!

Vacation Update

I’m still here on vacation visiting family and I’ve extended my trip for another week.  Missing my husband since he couldn’t join us on this trip but we do video chat a few times a day which is great. 

The weather has been beautiful, there’s a really nice outdoor pool in walking distance so I take my kids there daily.  I wish we had one in our area, the closest one is a 20 minute drive.

I’m doing good and sticking to my low carb lifestyle. My mom’s amazing in the kitchen and I haven’t strayed too far.  I’ve been eating on plan and drinking my water.  My only cheats have been cappuccinos with skim, once I had some potato chips, one night I shared a slice of pie.

We went out for dinner a few times and I kicked butt I was so good.  I had diet 7-up, chicken kabob, hummus and salad.  Everyone else had the same plus bread, rice and wine.
Last night I met some friends that I haven’ seen in years and we laughed and talked on an outdoor terrace til 3am and all I had was a diet coke.  I’m having fun just going out for coffee after dinner, I’ll have to make this a habit when I get back home and not fall in the same routine.

Friday I did my Insanity Pure Cardio, it was a good workout.

I did some shopping and bought a few tops that have a little bling or sequin on them.  Two of them are a size medium and one is a small. 
Happy days!!!
I got them on sale which was a great deal to boot!!!

Low Carb Food Finds

Here’s my latest low carb food find.  I’m hooked on it  1 Tb is 3 carbs but it’s so worth it.

It’s Kraft Mango Chipotle Dressing.  I’ve been having it on my broccoli slaw and it’s delish!!!

Check out my newly added page it’s called “My Food Finds”.  This page is for my favorite low carb foods that I’ve found at my local grocery store.  I put them together all on one page.  I keep adding to it so remember to check back on
“My Food Finds”. 

How my week came and went…

I’ve had a really great week, I had a visit from my mom and sister who live out of town.  They stayed for a few days, it was so nice to see them and spend time together.  Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating, it was raining the whole time they were here.  So what’s a couple of girls to do other than Shop Till You Drop!!! and that’s what we did 🙂

Great Layouts, Graphics, and More at GenerationMe.net!I convinced my sister to try the Insanity workout, it was her first time and even though she said she doesn’t like jumping exercises at the end of the DVD she really liked it.  So much so that we did another Insanity workout the next day.  It really is addictive.

It was sad the see my mom and sister go but I know I’ll be visiting them in the summer.  We ate so good when they were here, nothing tastes as good as mom’s cooking.

Oh check out my new sexy 2 piece bathing suit, it’s a size medium.  Woohoo!!!

We went away for a few days visiting family and I have to say that I was really good at resisting temptation.  There was chips, popcorn, cake, ice cream and other high carb fatty foods and for dessert I ate fruit, mostly strawberries and watermelon.  I even surprised myself.  By the way I might have a few more people hooked on kale chips 🙂

Well we’re home now and back to normality, I’m looking forward to sleeping in my bed again.

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