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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Here’s ¬†few healthy options:

  1. A gym membership (so you can sweat it out together at the gym ūüôā
  2. A heart rate monitor watch (for your gym rat)
  3. Excerise clothes (I love LuluLemon)
  4. A new water bottle or Blender Bottle
  5. Ipod  (listen while you workout)
  6. iTunes gift card Or a healthy cookbook
  7. A box of their favorite protein bars(instead of a heart shaped box)
  8. Running shoes
  9. Gym bag
  10. Weight Lifting gloves
  11. Gym towel
  12. Yoga matt
  13. Magazine subscription (Fitness, Health)
  14. Gift Basket: Dry shampoo, Headbands, Make-up,Flip flips
What are you giving or hoping to¬†receive¬†for Valentine’s day?

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