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Royal Wedding Low Carb Style

Congratulation to the happy couple.

In honor of the Royal Wedding  here’s a few pictures that I came across and thought were pretty funny.

What’s with those hats ???

I’ve had some challenges this week in the food department.  Yesterday I met my Prince Charming for lunch and I went the low carb route and had blackened chicken with green beans and steamed broccoli.

Then in the evening we all went out for his birthday dinner and he chose the restaurant, it’s a birthday tradition in our house that the person celebrating their birthday  gets to pick where we go.  Dinner was good, I didn’t have any bread but I did share some fried calamari for appetizers.  Which gave me heartburn later that night!!!  I should’ve known better.I had chicken marsala which was pan-seared chicken breast, mushrooms, marsala, cream, grana padano, linguini and vegetables.  I asked the waitress if I could replace the pasta with veggies and she said “Sure, we have spinach or green beans.”  I chose the green beans since I figured the spinach was going to be drenched in cream or butter not that there’s anything wrong with that but I didn’t want all those calories.  It was really good, wish I would’ve taken a pics.

Here’s my version of a Royal Low Carb Dinner Menu fit for a Queen or maybe a Duchess 🙂

Appetizers:  Shrimp Cocktail Entree:  Surf & Turf

Dessert:  Will & Kate’s Wedding Cake, it’s beautiful but I’d have a slice of  low carb cheese cake.

Beverage: Low Carb Pina Colada


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